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Documentary historical television series directed by Tilman REMM and Lawrence Reese, studying the phenomenon of rapid development of national socialism (abbreviated Nazism) in Germany in the first half of the twentieth century. Based on the ideas of purity of the"Aryan race", United to create a successful Association of true representatives of their nation, the newly formed ideology combines dangerous signs of nationalism, anti-Semitism, fascism, racism and totalitarianism. The belief in the bright future of such a political entity was unwavering, as loyal supporters prophesied a millennial existence for the newly created Third Reich. Among the German society, extremely dissatisfied with the humiliating conditions of the Treaty of Versailles concluded in 1918, the political movement led by Hitler enjoyed considerable popularity, which subsequently led Europe to the horrors of the Second world war. At the heart of the research and reconstruction of the events of those years – a lot of archival materials and rare newsreels, demonstrating the process of coming to power of the Nazis, the construction of a new totalitarian state with a characteristic lack of freedom of speech, concentration camps and active intelligence services. But numerous eyewitness accounts underscore the horrors of the"new order" after the triumph of the revenge-seekers and extreme radicals during dragging their pernicious beliefs of millions of ordinary citizens.

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