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Neon Genesis Evangelion is located in a world in which the earth's population has roughly halved. The main reason for the striking change in the population was a devastating meteorite in Antarctica. Then the earth's axis is tilted, which a large-scale melting of the polar ice caps and a rise in sea level by 60 meters had resulted.    The world is in chaos. Wars and crises dominate the action. People look at a unbelievable disaster faced, ignorant that in truth no meteorite, but an alien species was responsible for vonstattengehenden events. The so-called angel terrorized the globe already in antiquity. In 2015 they return to complete her task.    Now is the megacity Tokyo-3 under attack. But this time humanity is prepared for the attack and bring to strike out: the secret organization NERV has developed giant combat robot that can be controlled only by people who have been born exactly nine months after the alleged meteorite impact.    Main Characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion    Shinji Ikari is one of the children who were born exactly nine months after the alleged meteorite impact. Since he has already lost his mother very early, he was raised by a teacher. At the beginning of the action Shinji is 14 years old and a shy, introverted boy who has trouble especially when dealing with other people.    Rei Ayanami is the first child who was recruited as a pilot of one of the combat robots. It is a clone, which is a hybrid of Shinji's mother and the second angel Lilith. Even Rei is difficult to deal with other people - in fact, it is even much closed as Shinji. However, in the fight, it proves to be an excellent pilot and Shinji therefore on this point forward a lot.    Asuka Langley Soryu is the daughter of a German NERV employee with Japanese roots. Asuka's mother Kyoko loses in the context of a synchronous test that goes wrong, the mind and then holds her own daughter for a doll. When Kyoko hanged, Asuka decides to feel no more emotion in the future. (MH)

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