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Surprise at Manhattan Criminal Court - with such a judge has no one expected. Harold "Harry" T. Stone is very young, silly and playful. And he reported that he was on the list for the appointment of new judges at the bottom. But since just the Super Bowl was played, he was the only one that could be reached by telephone.    The Manhattan Criminal Court, the judge presiding Stone, meets usually at night and is concerned primarily with minor cases, such as minor injury or prostitution. Life and death, it is rare, and if so, for different reasons.    Judge Stones sessions generally run from rather unconventional, which meets in part to strong criticism of colleagues who see this type of behavior to be harmful. As a big fan of all kinds of magic you may actually happened before that Judge Stone conjures a dove out of the hat. However, that does not change his competence, and his staff going for him through the fire.    There is also the deputy district attorney Dan Fielding. An arrogant snob who only money and above all women in head has, which he recreates on every suitable and unsuitable occasion, usually with success. However, he is not only competent but deep inside - even if he himself would never admit it - a good person.    The mandatory defense was initially perceived by Liz Williams, but which was replaced after a short time of Billie Young. But they also remained came only a year until finally Christine Sullivan. She is an uptight person who has a lot of problems with the male gender. Christine raises frequently the moral high ground and is the Contra Part of the "depraved" Dan Fielding. For their clients it is one with all their skill.    Good soul of the company court, which is trying to bring order to chaos, and also to keep track of, the kautzige, sometimes brummelige court clerk Mac Robinson. He is Vietnam veteran and married to a Vietnamese woman. He learned Quon Lee as a young soldier in Vietnam know. Later, she followed him to the United States because she had fallen in love. Of course, it's Harry, the two trusts.    the court backbone are the bailiffs. Always on board is the gigantic Bull Shannon, appearing silly or even naive at first glance. But it's got a lot more than you sense at first, and he has a very big heart. On the position of bailiff there were two quick changes that the first two women - because of their advanced age rather quickly died - Selma Hacker, a notorious smoker and Florence Kleiner, a kratzbürstiges beings. RON Russell a bailiff has been committed to appear repellent and kratzbürstig outwardly, this has only set up as a facade, at least up to a certain point.    Frequent guests are the somewhat overzealous janitor way Harry's late father found Buddy, who has spent most of his life in mental hospitals and the singer Mel Tormé, of which Harry is a big fan. In addition, Dan Fielding employs the homeless Phil as a kind of auxiliary power and takes it from where it gets. Phil, however, sees a benefactor in Dan.