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The main events of the criminal story unfold around a young nineteen-year-old girl named haven. In early childhood, she was adopted by a fairly rich and influential businessman who raised the girl as his own daughter, in no way denying her and fulfilling all her little children's whims. But as time went on, the clever and gifted baby grew up and learned the shocking truth that her closest and dearest person, whom she all this time considered a loving and caring father, is the leader of the entire Japanese mafia and one of the most formidable and cruel mafia. The man for many years led one of the most dangerous urban groups, playing Yakuza as their puppets. In addition, it was believed that the businessman is responsible for the death of the brother of the main character of the film. Angry girl decides to leave the house of a relative-killer, and then takes one of the most serious and important decisions in his life. The beauty is going to become a professional and ruthless samurai, gradually finds friends and accomplices throughout America, settling in San Francisco, and together with them begins to build a plan to destroy the largest criminal Empire, which her father created for several decades.

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