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In his childhood Shin'ichi Chiaki was traveling with his father, a world-renowned pianist, and his mother through Europe and learned so know the classical music and love. The conductor Sebastiano Viera often took care of him and became his role model. At twenty-one years, he studied at the Academy of Music Momogaoka. His fear of airplanes and in front of the sea keep him from studying abroad. Although he has committed itself at the Academy playing the piano and is considered one of the best students, his real dream, conductor and composer is to be. Shin'ichi is arrogant and does most of the other students as incompetents.    called Megumi Noda, often "Nodame", also studied piano at the Momogaoka Academy of Music and has her apartment next to that of Shin'ichi. She is also talented, but not read music; she plays mainly through their hearing - the latter is for extremely pronounced. Megumi is represented as Chaotin, while it has many serious symptoms of compulsive hoarding syndrome - her apartment succumbs therefore in chaos and is full of garbage. Megumi itself even neglect their personal hygiene. You hereby is in extreme contrast to Shin'ichi, which maintains a perfectionist, neat nature.    As Shin'ichi to zerstreitet with his piano teacher at the college, he receives another who is rumored that he accepted only the rebellious students. Megumi, which is at the same teacher, and he often will then receive common hours and will rehearse together pieces. Megumi falls in love with Shin'ichi.    Chiaki is prevented his big dream to become a conductor, through his fear of airplanes and from the sea. Nodame helps him to overcome this fear. But Chiaki Nodame supports and encourages them to to to sit down seriously deal with the piano. Together they travel to Europe. In Paris studied Nodame piano while Chiaki has secured a reputation as a conductor, thereby also includes the renowned Roux-Marlet Orchestra conducts.

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