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In the second season, we will continue to observe the settlement of the Scandinavians, who have not easy. They are not only waiting for the confrontation of the harsh winter, but also the struggle with the neighbors, who suddenly decided that they do not like the inhabitants of this village. They intend not only to get this territory, but at the same time and destroy all the inhabitants. This complicates the already difficult life of all these people, who have to drop everything and start fighting off enemies who want to get their land. However, everything is complicated by the fact that this confrontation is not the only problem of the residents. Two brothers have long been unable to decide which of them will take the reins in their hands. Every day they argue about it more and more, waiting for the moment when one of them finally decides to give up. But the problem is that nobody intends to give up so easily. And soon it is their personal confrontation begins to go beyond and turns into a real fierce war that will affect absolutely everyone and shed the blood of those who have absolutely nothing to do with it. What will now be waiting in front of the negligent brothers and the whole settlement, will they be able to stop all these confrontations or will they last for a very long time?

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