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Even as a child Vic McQueen has a special ability. Has something been lost? Vic can find it. Because they can actually travel through dimensions, whilst driving and with her bicycle on an old wooden bridge so you can get to distant places in no time.    Eventually the paths of Vic and the mysterious Charles Manx cross. This abducted children, feeds on their souls and locks her tortured remains of his kingdom Christmas country where this every day celebrate Christmas. But Vic escapes and looks after his arrest.    Twelve years later, Vic's children's book author and mother of the little Bruce Wayne Carmody. But periodically it gets cautionary messages of children from Christmas country, give the Vic to blame for the arrest of their master.    A few years later dies in prison Manx and manages to revive itself. Now he has it in for Vic's son Wayne and I will procrastinate this after Christmas country. Of course, no one in the police believe that the deceased child murderer is still alive and Vic must find a way to save her son and Manx stop once and for all.    Background & about NOS4A2NOS4A2 based on the novel of the author Joe Hill. This was published in 2013 in Germany under the title Christmas country. In December 2015 that Roman Hills is being developed as a series for AMC became known. On 10/04/2018 a ten-part season of the series adaptation was officially commissioned, which will be broadcast on US channel AMC of 2019. (MW)

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