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The 17-year-old Didi Tasson is madly in love with her boyfriend John. When they sleep together for the first time, but the unimaginable happened: John dies and leaves his mistress alone in a world back that they no longer understand. Not least Didi is later kidnapped briefly by Kati Ordana and Nadia Rapaccini. The two mysterious ladies even take the trouble, all the evidence for Didi to destroy existence. Especially when Didi learns that her mother has all the action approved, it is more than shocked. Only when Kati and Nadia tell her that she is inferior to a nymph and the influence of the full moon, Didi begins to understand.    Legend has it that nymphs at the ripe age of the month with a man must have sex once, otherwise they die. Of course, this action closes the death of the respective man with one. But that is the price that must be paid to the nymphs to ensure their own survival. Didi is in a moral dilemma, however, is hardly time to weigh the positive and negative features of their existence as a nymph, for the evil satyrs gives chase to the three girls. He wants to enslave Didi, Kati and Nadia.    Main characters of Nymphs    Didi Tasson (Sara Soulié) is still quite innocent for her for 17 years. Nevertheless, she wants to sleep with her boyfriend John finite. But then dies this after sex and Didi world collapses - especially when she learns of Kati and Nadia that she is a nymph in truth.    Kati Ordana (Rebecca Viitala) is - as Didi - a nymph, but she already knows a lot more about their fate. Rebecca has accepted its existence as a nymph and is himself fully aware about the risk it poses for men. Despite the quandary Kati tried but to find a compromise.    Nadia Rapaccini (Manuela Bosco) completes the circle of nymphs. Similar Kati Nadia has resigned to their fate. However, they also had to learn a hard lesson. Her family has turned its back on many years ago. Since then, she lives with Kati and lurking men on at night. (MH)

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