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Peter from an early age was fascinated by religion, finding in it answers to all the questions that torment his soul. But, as a grown man, he experienced events that shook his faith. No matter how much he asked the Lord to heal his beloved, this did not happen. His wife BEA fell ill with an incurable disease and faded with lightning speed. Loyal husband was not even enough time for a full goodbye. The man tried to accept, but the dullness of the usual walls did not allow to forget about the one who forever belongs to his heart. Meanwhile, civilization was in danger because of overpopulation, food starts catastrophically not enough, and the government begins to frantically come up with a plan to save! The world community has approved a plan to relocate the inhabitants of the Earth to a remote planet called "Oasis". The hero did not announce his religious doubts that appeared after the death of his wife, and was invited to the space Shuttle, because the priest is needed in a new field exactly the same as the air. Dad got a chance to start with a clean slate the story of mankind, and from this opportunity he could not refuse. The word of the Lord will be heard in the new monastery. But when Peter arrives at the site of the new colony, it will witness incredible events…

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