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  • Drama
Serial historical drama"Odyssey", filmed by French film Director Stephane Giusti, is an adaptation of the well-known classical poems written by ancient Greek poet Homer.The show takes place in the distant XII century BC, ten years after the Greek kings managed to win the Trojan war. It has all been returned home, except the ruler of Ithaca of Ulysses. Most others believe the king was dead, and only his wife Penelope and loyal subjects still continue to believe that he is alive. Of adds fuel to the fire the fact that there are many wishing to occupy the vacant throne. Every day, Penelope had to fend off the attacks of the suitors, who argue that until he is married again, she'll be able to save the Kingdom of the deceased spouse. Every day intrigue around the throne erupted with renewed force, and, in the end, there are those who decides to get the throne of a despicable lie. However, at this time home finally returns true king Ulysses. It would seem that now all problems should end, but instead of Ithaca is immersed in more chaos...

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