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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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Korean dorama about love, fidelity and the first, emerging feeling, from the Director Kim Hyun-SOK. Beauty is not eternal. And over time, even the most gorgeous Queen of the school ball can turn into the one that always laughed at. The first school beauty Kam all the years was fixated on their own appearance. Beautiful dresses, cosmetics, constant courting of the body-she was so proud when people did everything about what she will only ask, for the sake of her favor. But with age, sitting on the nervous work, gradually, the girl began to gain weight. Constant stress, problems in the family, she ate junk food, dressed in baggy and unfashionable clothes and gradually became worse. There was no time to know herself catastrophically, and she did not worry, because a great job and a loving man next to her somehow relax the woman and allow her to think that everything is fine. However, with changes in appearance of the old haters don't stop hating that shamelessly used the less fortunate classmates. The former classmate who at school was terribly full because of what constantly listened to sneers, somehow improbably lost weight and now treats the competitor. For a start, it took Kam a guy she met 15 years, and then started to hurt at work. The girl has only one chance to return everything-a mysterious coach, which is said that he works wonders and makes fat models in the shortest possible time.

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