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The Austrian drama series Old money arose after Brown beat as the second part of a planned trilogy, which deals with the issues of corruption and greed. The billionaire Industrial Rolf Rauchensteiner receives a shocking diagnosis from his doctor. He not only suffers from Hepatitis B, but more recently also from hepatitis D. If it finds no donor liver, so hardly a year of his life he is granted.    From now on, Rolf does everything possible to save his life and raise a liver. And makes an offer that it is hard to refuse. Who organizes his liver gets Rolf's full capacity. For this purpose he asked the mayor of Vienna, with which he handles corrupt property deals for years, for help. Rolf wife Liane sets about to call a meeting of corrupt family Rauchensteiner. This turns out to be a difficult task, because their son Jacob sees no reason why he and his girlfriend Kerstin are arriving from Africa and Zeno, Rolfs son from his first marriage, gambled away his money somewhere in the casino and sleeps with his stepmother rather than his father help want.    Main characters of Old Money Rolf Rauchensteiner (Udo Kier) should not have to worry about money. His family is among the richest in Vienna. His health is even worse. His liver disease leaves him a maximum of one more year of life. The reckless, criminal man now does everything possible to get a donor organ.    Liane Rauchensteiner (Sunnyi Melles) is the wife of Rolf. For a long time it leads a secret affair with his son from his first marriage, Zeno. Nevertheless, she helps her terminally ill husband in the search for a new liver that can save his life.    Zeno Rauchensteiner (Nicholas Ofczarek) is Rolfs son from his first marriage. He cheats on his wife Tania and his father by maintains an affair with his stepmother. For this he is addicted to gambling and skin his fortune and his car during backgammon on the head. (JB)

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