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In 2015, the BC people decided to pretty brave thing to do: banish the gods from Olympus and to rule the world. The reason for this treachery was those too narrow a framework in which humanity was driven, because now literally step could not be, so as not to anger the gods and not to impose severe punishment. Exhausted by fear, death gods banished to the underworld, this kind of violence, they are considered quite fair and logical. The protagonist of the series, a young inexperienced man, goes to save the Oracle, but on the way to the goal of his character changes dramatically. Faced with love and deception, friendship and betrayal, loyalty and lies, the guy decides to adapt to the rules that society dictates to him. He ceases to be docile and reliable, under the yoke of events, a young man turns into someone who was so hated by people: an avid and immensely evil man, he would have been envied by the disgraced gods. Now before humanity there is a new problem, they need to ensure that they do not become like deities.

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