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During production of his documentary Into the Abyss filmmaker Werner Herzog was working on an additional documentary series, including On Death Row (also titled Death Row known). While Werner Herzog Into the Abyss dealt only with a specific case, is on Death Row revolves around the fate of several inmates waiting on death row a Texas prison for her death. As part of 50 minutes each Werner Herzog interviews the death row inmates and leads also held meetings with other people who've been involved in a similar matter. These people besides family members including prosecutors and defense lawyers. Every single episode will also initiated with a statement by Werner Herzog, who afterwards never seen on camera:    "The death penalty exists in 34 states of the United States of America. Currently only 16 states Actually perform executions. Executions are Carried out by lethal injection. As a German, coming from a different historical background and being a guest in the United States, I respectfully disagree with the practice of capital punishment. "    "The death penalty exists in 34 states of the United States of America. Currently, executions are actually only practiced in 16 states. The executions are carried out by lethal injection. As a German who has a different historical background and stays as a guest in the United States, I can not support the practice of the death penalty with all due respect. "    Background & about On Death Row    In On Death Row is an American-British-Austrian documentary series, which consists of a total of two season with four episodes. On Death Row premiered at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival and was finally on 22 March 2012 for the first time on television on Channel aired the fourth Although the format was first planned as a miniseries, Werner Herzog filmed a second season because the first four episodes were not only well received by critics and audiences, but also the debate on the death penalty fueled in public. (MH)

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