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  • Drama
An American drama about family and debt from Director John Alexander.A young Korean woman named Mei has never seen her family. Even in early childhood, the girl was adopted by a couple of Englishmen and took away from Korea to a new homeland. The girl lived happily and never wondered who her real parents were. She truly loved her adoptive parents, who never hid that she wasn't theirs. In addition, this elderly couple did everything to make the girl feel happy and never felt like an orphan. As the years passed, the baby grew and turned into a real beauty. However, the mind nature has endowed her fully, so she was able to make a good career, finish University and enjoy life. Soon, however, an event happened that would forever change her serene life. A letter came to Mei's e-mail from her biological mother, who tearfully asked her daughter to save her brother from prison. Of course she didn't believe this message, but, nevertheless, in Korea went, at least in order to understand the situation and look into the eyes of the one who gave her child into the unknown. Once on the never-before-seen homeland, our heroine accidentally got into a strange situation. The criminal world of Guangzhou has captured her and doesn't seem to be going to let go. Will our fragile heroine be able to cope with life's difficulties and return home? This story makes the viewer think about many things, so it is worth seeing at least for the General development.

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