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For a long time the family had a hard time and they only dreamed of the day when finally all the financial problems will fade into the background and they can feel happy. Only contrary to all expectations, everything was not as they wanted. The family was looking for a way out for a long time until they decided that it was time to go for permanent residence in America. That's where they will definitely be able to spend time properly and find a dream job. Surprisingly, to move to a permanent place of residence in the country of dreams was quite simple. They managed to change everything and now they believed that everything will change for the better.
the Only thing in the plans of the family was not included, so it is to change yourself. On the contrary, they believed that they were an ideal example. Therefore, while his mother was trying to earn as much money as possible to provide for her children, it seemed to his son that the best occupation for him would be fraud. After all, to turn a variety of scams is so interesting and at the same time dangerous, which causes incredible feelings. But the daughter on the contrary interested in feminism. Do not forget about the grandmother, who also has her own interests, she likes to have fun. Will the family get rid of financial difficulties or will it be much more difficult than they thought?