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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
TV series and movies about bloodsuckers who have not removed, but the version of"Twilight" from South Korea, fans of the vampire theme is necessary to see. First, the idea, though not too original, but interesting. Secondly, the picture was very high quality, with beautiful actors and very pleasant music. The relationship between humans and"bloodsuckers" has always been tense, and so the vampires try to hide all their identity. It's hard to be a"white crow", after all, are wary, and friends are hard to find. With such difficulties to be faced and a young girl Baek MA-ri, who together with his family moved to a new city and, as she is the age of a schoolgirl, she will have to meet future classmates. No one knows that she is a vampire, and so she manages to make friends with the girls and boys from the class. And everything seems to be going as it should, but only until the moment when she meets Chung Jae-min, the most popular guy in her school. And this handsome man falls in love with the heroine. Any chance they're having an affair? How will the boy in love react to the news that his beloved girl is a vampire? Do they have anything in common? In this series there are many other storylines, but still most of them are twisted around a light feeling – love.

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