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Original Title: Oyunbozan
Description: Dr. Emre can not live a quiet life. He just wants to take revenge for past wrongs. In his life, it seems, nothing sacred. On the other side of the hero Eje - student, whose fate is linked with the unhappy doctor. Emre had once suffered at the hands of the media tycoon named Mahir Yamaner. Now the main character wants to take revenge by any means. In its plan of revenge, he gets involved Woman Ece, who lives with his aunt and his sister, because her parents had died long ago. Eje wants to finish her studies at the university and started working as a doctor. She likes the simple life filled with work and training everyday life. Eje learns that her sister is very sick. She has no other choice but to turn to Dr. Emre. He decides to take a card from the Ece service, for which she has to go to the mansion Yamanera. However, Emre understands that is not indifferent to the young lady. But all too late!

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