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Police Paradise tells the story of the life of a small area in a small town. Loud name does not correspond to reality — the city is so quiet that you can hear a fly flies. But at night takes on a real crime. The villains are on the alert, always coming up with new pranks. They are not brilliant and fearless, just the local police — real fools. All day long they do nothing, only occasionally trying to investigate the crimes that happen. But for night shift they did spit, what the antagonists are. Locals are alarmed by the happening crimes. The police Department is facing a wave of complaints about the work of patrol and detectives at Paradise station. After receiving a reprimand from the authorities, the local chef decides to take matters into his own hands. He gives the order to subordinates-to find and neutralize all villains. Actively taking up work, the police now and then affect the curious situation. The funny thing is that they manage to catch the criminal until they eat donuts. But the confrontation does not end — then they begin a big hunt for the main villain.

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