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Elsewhere, the unknown, we taynoe.Znaem about the world, what happens after life? And if there is something that remains after death? Maybe the soul, unseen matter, clad in an invisible ghost? Or is it all the silly inventions of science fiction? Something that can not be explained are always attracted and will attract these inquisitive minds. It leaves no sense of adventure and suspense and Nick. And then he assembles a team to explore the old house for the presence of supernatural beings or just ghosts. This documentary introduces us to project how each hero individually, and with brave team as a whole. And their adventure protagonists start with a strange house in the town of Hinsdale. It is a place for Catherine and Nick will be the starting point of the start and show the way to the unknown. We are waiting for a strange house with a very specific phenomena and entourage, and considering that the film documentary, some moments are striking to the heart. Can we so deliberately invade the uncharted worlds and how our modern and mysterious world and the world is ready to meet with each other. On these and many other issues that will have you invisibly to arise while watching this amazing project you will gradually find the answers. as well as find their bold searchers team led by a fearless and resourceful predvoditelem- Nick.

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