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  • Drama
Single mothers often find it difficult to raise children, especially when it comes to adolescents. Sarah one brings up a son and a daughter, all she has to take care of yourself and rely only on themselves. Over time, the circumstances only worsen, and the problem with finances becomes more obvious. Sarah is difficult to provide the family with enough money, despite the fact that for this she makes every effort. To ease their existence and get rid of some of the problems, the heroine decides to move to another city to his parents.
the children were not happy About this move, so they were out of hand. Sarah now need to think not only about raising their own children, but also about solving new problems that have arisen in her life. Previously, the heroine was the mistress of her life and she did not need to adapt to the circumstances of other people. Now, when she shares the roof of the house with her parents, brothers and sister, her life is much more complicated. It is necessary to look for compromises and find a common language while not all family members are ready for this. You need to step over yourself and think about the interests of others, but not everyone is capable of it. Can members of a large family live peacefully under one roof?

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