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The German sitcom Pastewka is located in Cologne and revolves around its eponymous protagonist Bastian Pastewka who plays himself. Although the plot of the series is not based on actual events, Pastewka tells stories that could well happen in real life Bastian Pastewka - along the lines of: Is the all really happen? - No, not everything. Only the embarrassing moments. Usually the episodes revolve around different extensively developed skits. Central to this is always Bastian Pastewka and maneuver due to its clumsiness in an unfortunate situation after another.    When trying to hide his embarrassing mishaps, however, he gets deeper into the mess. On a misunderstanding follows the next and barely Bastian has found a supposedly clever way out, he gets lost in a web of lies and excuses. Especially when it comes to talking to his girlfriend Anne (Sonsee New), Bastian go out the necessary words to avoid the developing relationship chaos in time. In addition, he gets regularly with his neighbor Svenja Bruck (Bettina Lamprecht) in the hair and the meeting with his brother Hagen (Matthias Matschke) and his father, Volker (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) also usually end the dispute.    Main characters of Pastewka    . Bastian Pastewka (Bastian Pastewka) is a German comedian and even belongs to the successful varieties of its kind, even if his reputation for not being sufficient to lead a life in the lap of luxury, it is recognized on the street by passers-by - but not necessarily as Bastian Pastewka. Accordingly, it tries times less clever excuses to go out of the way the contact with intrusive people screaming fans or persistent autograph hunters with more times. Otherwise Bastian is a fun-loving and clumsy contemporary and big fan of US television series such as Star Trek and 24th    Annemarie Leyfert (Sonsee New) is nicknamed Anne and is called by all her acquaintances and friends that way. She is the girlfriend of Bastian and works as a nurse in a prestigious hospital in Cologne. Previously, she had studied medicine, however, the study interrupted to spend a year in India. When she returned to Germany, she learned Bastian know and then gave all the plans regarding the completion of their studies on what especially her father, Klaus annoyed. Therefore, this Bastian is against not very sympathetic.    Hagen Pastewka (Matthias Matschke) is the half-brother of Bastian. He lives as a single parent in Cologne and cares passionately about his daughter Kim, although his empty wallet is getting to him often. He desperately tries every month to make ends meet without having to ask at one of his family members for financial support. He is also looking for the love of his life. When he meets Bastian moody neighbor Svenja Bruck, he seems to have found a woman he can never forget.    Kimberley Jolante Pastewka (Cristina do Rego) is the daughter of Hagen and contributes simplicity nicknamed Kim. She is 13 years old, goes to school and maintain a special relationship with her uncle Bastian: She hates him profoundly. Kim is mostly angeegelt of his behavior, finds it embarrassing and could get upset about any of his answers for several hours beyond. Forced Kim needs to spend more time with Uncle Bastian than she would like.    Regine Holl (Sabine Vitua) is the manager of Bastian and does its utmost to advance the career of comedy stars. Not least Bastian is their last remaining client, which also speaks his attitude both for her work as. Regine's biggest problem is that it only uses once well known and do not even attracts usually considered to take a new approach. Consequently, they will receive only a few commitment to Bastian that are really good and do not border on the final sale of the images. In addition, Regine does not believe in the possibilities of the Internet.    Svenja Bruck (Bettina Lamprecht) is the contentious neighbor Bastian. Basically, it is a harmless student who simply wants to enjoy her young life in peace. The only problem is that their extremely Bastian gets on my nerves with all his deeds and actions. What initially begins as a harmless dispute quickly developed into malignant obsession and gets in the end completely out of control: To Bastian every day under the nose rubbing, which he was a pitiful drip but, Svenja pulls even in an expensive residential area, they do not like.    Volker Pastewka (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) is the father of Bastian and Hagen. He also lives in Cologne and gets thereby constantly in contact with his grown sons. With Bastian he cares not a very harmonious relationship. Usually they bicker over trifles and Volker always find a reason to pick on anything (wrong) makes his son. No wonder Bastian tried encounters with his father to go out of the way. Nevertheless, the two run more often on the road, as they intend it. And when it comes far as they can, however, also not drain from each other.    Background information on Pastewka    The television series Pastewka celebrated on 9 September 2005 on Sat.1 its premiere. The idea came from Bastian Pastewka, Sascha Albrecht, Moritz Netenjakob, Oliver Welke and Chris Geletneky. The format is the US comedy series Let it, Larry! ajar with Larry David. In contrast to the aforementioned source of inspiration to Pastewka but not suspend improvised skits together, but based on a screenplay template written by Chris Geletneky and Sascha Albrecht. In addition, the series has a great similarity with the entertainment program The Sarah Silverman Program. Originally Pastewka should be produced for RTL. In the end, the German TV station rejected the sitcom, however, and so Pastewka landed on Sat.1. Moreover, on the occasion of the release of Season 6 and Season 7, there was a theater tour to promote the return of Pastewka on domestic screens. Apart from that Pastewka convinced not only the audience, but has established itself as a quality comedy series in Germany quickly - nominations and awards at various film and television award events included. (MH)

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