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Original Title: Perception
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: TNT
Creators: Kenneth Biller,Michael Sussman
Language: English
Description: The US crime series Perception follows the classical principle of a weekly procedurals. The focus of the action is the schizophrenic Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack), who cooperates in his capacity as a professor of neuroscience regularly with the FBI. The main reason for this connection is Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook), a former student of Daniel, who now works for the FBI as an agent.    As soon as she does not get further in their job, support needed or dependent on expert advice, she turns to her mentor. Daniel helps Kate like in the investigation of their cases. Last but not least, the practical work is a welcome change from his otherwise unremarkable life that Daniel experienced anew in the course of his work at the Chicago Lake Michigan University every day. Daniel also suffers from various diseases. to create special about him besides his schizophrenia a great deal of hallucination.    These come and go at random intervals and Daniel can not control them. Only with time he realizes that he can better deal with the crime in the trance state and thus quickly comes to the solution of the case. Within this hallucination also met him a girl, especially Natalie Vincent (Kelly Rowan), which stands him in word and deed to his - as an imaginary friend, so to speak.    Main characters of Perception    Dr. Daniel J. Pierce (Eric McCormack) is a professor of neuroscience and teaches at Chicago Lake Michigan University. He is extremely intelligent and has an above-average intelligence. However, Daniel is also suffering from schizophrenia and hallucinations, which gives it a very eccentric character. Daniel has an imaginary friend named Natalie.    Katherine Rose Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) works as a Special Agent with the FBI and is nicknamed Kate. Previously, she studied with Daniel and could give him the contact to the FBI that. Kate was D.C. based on their behavior from Washington transferred to Chicago and was once in love with Daniel. Now the two combines a professional and friendly relationship.    Max Lewicki (Arjay Smith) works for Daniel as his personal assistant. Accordingly, he knows the professor for some time and thus its problems. Max is equally true as Daniel under protective aside. Especially regarding Daniels hallucinations, Max proves necessary counterpoint to get the neuroscientists in time back to reality.    Natalie Vincent (Kelly Rowan) is the imaginary friend of Daniel. It appears to him only in his hallucinations and is then available to him with words and deeds. Kelly looks like a girl Daniel saw a long time ago on a college party in Michigan. At the beginning of the action Daniel tries to keep secret the existence of Kelly before his fellow men. But then she turns up more often.    Background information on Perception    Perception celebrated 9 July 2012 its premiere. The format was produced by ABC Studios for the US cable channel TNT. The German premiere took place on November 8, 2013 RTL Crime. To date, three seasons have appeared with different episode number. Each episode takes on average a period of forty-five minutes. was shot Perception among others in Chicago, Illinois as well as in Toronto, Canada. Other recordings also originated in Los Angeles, California. (MH)

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