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Almost all members of a very colorful family West were criminals of different kinds: thieves, burglars, scammers. In General, a funny community of those who for several generations in a row earns a living by stealing from others. But suddenly happens well expected and a natural the situation-the head of the family is sent behind bars for numerous atrocities.As a result of the incident, a mother named Cheryl stands at the head, who, doubting the correctness of the chosen path, tries to convince adult children that constant sin will not lead to good. But the problem is that the heirs used to live at the expense of others and did not plan to abandon the criminal future. Cheryl will have to pass many tests, above than to young girl, for starters, simply listen.After a while, comes the period of liberation of Wolfgang from prison, but the man learns that his dearest wife betrayed the common cause. Starts incredible wrestling talents for the right to dictate their own conditions for the further development of the dynasty.