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  • Drama
In this incredible series is full of mystical events. Bob Payne is Vice President of a railway company. One day the cashier leads him to a nervous man, disappointed that he could not buy a ticket for the right train. The strangeness was that Mekon Hayts-the town where the man wanted to go - did not exist. The low passenger insisted that more than once went the designated route. According to the stranger, several thousand people live in the town. On the 49th minute of the train is the desired station. Although the story of the hero of the series "the Electric dreams of Philip K. dick's" seemed incredible, Payne became interested in it and decided to check personally. Inquisitive Bob turned to his girlfriend for help. She searched the city archives. They mentioned plans to build a settlement approximately in the place indicated by an unusual passenger. The hero decided to personally verify everything and went on a trip route in question. Soon the train stopped at an unknown station. The town really was full of life. There were work shops, went cars. In what place was Bob, will he be able to find the answer to this question?

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