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  • Drama
The plot of Phoenix Lake plays in the Ruhr region, to be exact in the Dortmund district Hörde. The structural change dominates the landscape and is intended to ensure economic recovery. A former steel plant that is decommissioned for many years, is transformed into a recreational area. Where once was one of the craft of working class, it is now the biggest possible luxury guarantee for that part of the population that feeds on the other end of the income pyramid.    In the so-called Phoenix Lake not only two milieus meet, which could not be more different. No, concretely experience two families as they are inferior to the changing times and must learn to get along with each other. While family Neurath comes directly from Horde and for several generations living in the housing estate, family Hansmann is part of the established layer that is interested in the first place, which are still to have the large villas on the lake shore.    Main Characters from Phoenix Lake    Mike Neurath (Felix Vörtler) is Sybille's husband and the couple have three children, including Mats, Timo and Jenny. He comes from the Ruhr, there grew up and has no intention to leave his home. Nevertheless, his work at the local car factory and thus the financial future of his family is far from certain.    Sybille Neurath (Anna Stieblich) is Mike's wife and the mother of Mats, Timo and Jenny. She works in a small bakery and is very worried about her family. When Mike threatens to lose his job, she looks around for a part-time job to keep the family afloat.    Birger Hansmann (Stephan Kampwirth) is Catherine's husband and the father of Sina and Fabian. His career could not be better. Most recently, he has inherited the law firm of his old boss. What Birger but do not know: this he was also involved in criminal activity.    Catherine Hansmann (Nike Fuhrmann) is the wife of Birger and the mother of Sina and Fabian. She swims in luxury and has no worries. The Lake House is safe and soon she begins again studying at. But just as quickly Catherine realizes that her life is by no means perfect. (MH)

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