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Adventure four-part film from the creators of Italy and Germany, shot by the brilliant Director Lamberto Bava. The main roles were played by Mario Adorf and Anna Falchi.This is the story of two brothers living in the seventeenth century. Ippolito-witty and talented, but subsequently strongly stumbled. He is prone to betrayal and easily became the object of manipulation by the authorities. However, the guy is not devoid of feelings and will try his best to atone for his terrible guilt. Ferrante is a romantic, timid and in love young man who is constantly tormented by suspicions and doubts. He will go not only through betrayal, but also the collapse, loss of hope, as well as a complete revival in a different form. The love of a beautiful woman was the cause of their strong enmity. After her death, relatives stood on opposite sides of the barricades. Ippolito became Alessandro Dubois, serving in the Palace. And Ferrante is now a pirate and the storm of the seas named evil Rock. The second hero turned into a closed and lonely hermit who is not afraid of death and is constantly immersed in his suffering. The main characters dream to meet face to face and fight for life and death, unaware that the names of others hiding blood relatives. Fifteen years later, they will converge on the sea in a dangerous and deadly battle. Also the film will impress any viewer with an incredibly beautiful landscapes, the frigates, the ringing of swords, spectacular battles, gorgeous costumes, witty dialogue and wonderful acting.

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