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An exciting documentary about the oldest civilization on the planet. What factors contributed to the fact that ordinary farmers were able to build great cities and majestic, amazing and in our days, monuments, to promote mathematics and develop art. The great Empire, which existed for more than three thousand years, which served as the basis for the great discoveries and power of the ancient state?Every year the archaeologists find new evidence of the greatness of Ancient Egypt, which developed in times of war and peace. During the time of Pharaoh Thutmose, the country managed to significantly expand its borders. Most of the fortifications were flooded during the creation of the Nasser reservoir. The spoils of war, many of which were produced in the campaign, portrayed the Supreme deity of Egypt, Amun. Under the leadership of Pharaoh, the commander conducted the fighting on land and sea, the success of which is evidenced by the artifacts. But wars were started only when it was justified and necessary.Young Pharaoh Akhenaten, who replaced Thutmose, declared war on the Gods, the name of Amun is erased from the walls of the temples. Neither Akhenaten nor the priests know how it will turn out. Will there continue to be Paradise on earth under the name Egypt?

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