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  • Drama
Autumn 1941. Miraculously escaped from Kiev boiler, investigators from the military prosecutor's office Roars, Mirsky and Elagina come to Kharkov, where already in full swing evacuation. They hold important information about the activities of the German espionage organization, which urgently need to transfer to the center. But an unexpected order management compels them to stay in Kharkov. After all, along with evacuees enterprises, under the guise of refugees, to the east are moving a group of German saboteurs, the purpose of which - subversion and sabotage in munitions factories, located in the Urals and Western Siberia. Trying to open channels smuggle spies in the Soviet rear, Roars with Elagina learn that acting in Kharkov organization is directly related to the Kiev group, open them a few hours before putting the city. A curator of both of these groups holds a high post in the Main Military Prosecutor's Office in Moscow.

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