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  • Mystery
The series is named after a small town located on the ocean. The main character, a guy named Jesse, works in the same town as a lifeguard on one of the local beaches. Before, it was nothing special, but one day he saved a girl who somehow ended up in the water. Salvation was not easy for the hero, because at that time a strong storm broke out. Jessie carried the rescued girl to the house where Dr. Kramer lived. After the help, a mysterious stranger came to her senses.
Kristina, the so-called saved the girl, told his new friend that, in point pleasant has led her birth mother search. Dr. Kramer's family welcomed the guest and allowed him to stay for the time of the search. Outwardly, Christine no different from ordinary girls, but actually with it something. Soon people began to notice that around the mysterious drowning there are some strange and inexplicable events. The worst thing is that everything that happens does not lend itself to human logic. With the emergence of Cristina's a small town with quiet and modest residents as if gone mad. All human vices come out, and it is clear that everything that happens involved a beautiful stranger.

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