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The focus of Pokémon Origins is the boy Red, who hails from the small town of Pallet Town. Pokémon Professor Oak, he not only gets his first ever Pokémon, but also a very special order: Red to pull the country and collect information about known and unknown Pokémon, so that the database of the newly developed Pokédex can be completed. But red is not the only boy who was entrusted with this mission. Even Blue, Oak's grandson, is on its way to learn more about the secrets of Pokémon. Here the paths of former friends and current rival cross over again - not least in the context of a fateful Pokémon battle.    Background information on Pokémon Origins    The story of Pokémon Originas based on the blue and red Pokémon Edition and stretches a total of four episodes each having a run length of approximately 25 minutes. Unlike Pokémon, the original anime series based on the eponymous video game series, playing in Pokémon Origins the real main character of the franchise, including Ash, do not matter.    Instead, the miniseries will put the focus on the proximity to the template. So not only the music of the red and blue edition is taken over and re-orchestrated. No, the direct link to the Game Boy game is available by a graphic example, appears at the beginning of each episode, which is similar to the Start menu of a Pokémon Edition. At the end of each chapter, the circle and what happened closes as stored in the game.    Also as far as the character style, Pokémon Origins sets its own accents and also speeds up the execution of the individual battles. Apart from that, the miniseries takes its submission anticipate certain events. So there is to see, for example, the mega-development of Charizard already in the last episode of Pokémon Origins. In video games, this is done only in the Edition X and Y. (MH)

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