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Original Title: Policeman from Rublyovka
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: TNT
Creators: Ilya Kulikov
Description: Undefeated Will Smith and the script by the famous writer Isaac Asimov in the sci-fi thriller about the imminent future of the Earth. In our e-cinema can be viewed online tape, "I, Robot" and figure out how to survive next to the incredible technological advances. Electronics dream come true: by 2035, robots have become a common instrument and furnishings. People are used to that machine - it is convenient, because it freed lot of free time, and now can not imagine how they lived without them. However, not all see the androids true friends of man: perhaps they are a potential source of danger. One such suspicious - police Del Spooner. His doubts seem justified: the hero entrusted case of the death of Alfred Lanning, chief designer of the robots. Employees of his company is confident that it was a suicide. But Spooner suspects that the man was killed, and possibly involved in the crime they designed machines. But could not they violate the Second Law of Robotics, which states that no robot has no right to raise a hand on the person. Hero seeks evidence that damn clever mechanical creatures have found a loophole in the postulate and now refuse to obey him.

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