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At the beginning of the fantastic series, we witness the final battle, broadcast throughout the Universe. The winner is a fighter named Zirkon, who managed to resist several terrible monsters. After the triumph of Zirkon realizes that he can become completely invulnerable, if you dominate the Crystal spirit. However, it entails not only the dream of invulnerability. If the fighter will become the owner of the artifact, without much difficulty will be able to conquer the entire Universe. However, the plans of evil fall, when the Crystal chooses someone to belong to, and moves to Earth, where he noticed five ordinary teenagers whose lives were soon to change dramatically. Guys receive set of the incredible abilities and turn in defenders of Earth. Now only they can resist the Zirkon and his troops, intending to destroy the planet. And the villain does not postpone plans for later. Knowing exactly where the Crystal is, he sends an army of the best warriors after it. Will teenagers be able to resist trained professionals who own even those weapons, which on Earth have never heard of, or our planet will be destroyed?

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