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Serial sci-Fi adventure series, which takes place in the UK early twenty-first century. At some point, from different parts of the country begins to receive alarming information about the meetings of people with strange creatures that are considered extinct millions of years ago in accordance with the traditional ideas of paleontologists about them. Soon it turns out that the reason for the appearance of incredible representatives of the animal world – inexplicable from a scientific point of view, the faults of the space-time continuum, called scientists"anomalies". These mysterious Windows to other worlds open in different places and lead to different time periods, not only in the distant past, but also in the future. The British government hastily initiates the creation of a secret Agency to study and localize the consequences of mysterious phenomena, which are often a threat to the lives of people who find themselves nearby. A group of scientists and enthusiasts led by Professor Nick Cutter are embarking on a risky study of temporary portals, often sending dangerous predators into the modern world. But active work on the study of anomalies, including time travel, leads to changes in the modern world, forcing researchers to make desperate attempts to fix it.

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