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Aurora always dreamed only of a happy family life, but from such a gift fate decided to"protect" the main character of the fantastic series authorship of famous American Directors. Having a stormy affair with a beautiful dancer Lorenzo, the girl gets pregnant, but the young man, confident in the betrayal of his beloved, breaks off the relationship, and not knowing about the potential heir. In addition, the doctors who conducted the analysis of the body of Aurora, open a terrible secret-the girl is terminally ill.The father, being in despair, decides to use experimental methods – to place his daughter in cryoson until a cure for the disease is found. It took 20 years, Aurora is awakened from a dream and realizes that loved ones are long dead or lost in the Sands of time, which is absolutely not touched a young soul and body subject. Father died, and not waiting for the return of dearest, and now Aurora will have to relearn how to live.Best friend married a lover from the past, the daughter grew up and became virtually the same age. Storm of emotions, misunderstanding and fear – only a small fraction of those feelings that seethe in the heart of the heroine of the series. How to cope with the problems? What can allow you to know the present, which is completely foreign and unfamiliar?

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