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The real misfortune happened to a simple Mexican girl Guadeloupe Santos. Her home town is very close to the border with America that is so close to the neighborhood does not have any influence on waxing the city's criminals.The owner of a local ranch named Ernesto decides to take advantage of the helplessness of Guadeloupe. A man seduces a heroine, pumping her with drugs, and enters into an intimate relationship with a thirteen-year-old girl. After Guadeloupe wakes up, she discovers a dead rapist and her hand squeezes the gun still hot from the shot.The art series"in captivity of passion" is rather emotional melodrama in which the main character becomes really captive of circumstances. On the one hand, she is glad that this terrible pervert is dead, but the girl can not imagine that she could pull the trigger of the gun. Yes, Ernesto certainly deserved to die, but now she's considered a ruthless killer. In General, if you are a devoted fan of these Mexican melodramas, this film project will be a great addition to your collection.