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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Back in the first season, when Lincoln was jailed on unfair charges, Michael decided on a desperate act to save his brother – specifically committed a crime to also become a prisoner. Stupid? Not at all, because he had an elaborate plan. Then he managed to implement an escape from prison, after which the guys were waiting for a few joint misadventures. In the beginning of season 5, everyone thinks Michael's dead. But from prison released T-Bag, who receives a photo of the guy, confirming the fact that he is alive. After finding out the details, T-Bag found out that Michael may be in one of the prisons in Yemen. Once free, he went to Lincoln and shared this information with him. Initially, the hero does not believe in the words of T-bag, but quickly finds a reason to change his point of view. But don't believe that Sarah, a son of Scorfield Jr. Despite her doubts, link decides to go to Yemen, but before that checks the grave of his brother and finds that the body is not there. Finally, he is convinced that Michael may be alive after unknown mercenaries are trying to kill him and Sarah... his company is C-Notes, which over the years has become a religious Muslim.

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