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  • Drama
The series"wives of prisoners" (Prisoners Wives) tells not about those who are in prison, but about those who are waiting for them no matter what. Women's stories are so sincere and true that they touch the audience for the soul. No one is immune from a situation where a loved one is behind bars. The film's plot revolves around four main characters with different fates. Here's a pregnant JEM who doesn't know how to live her life because her husband was arrested. He turned out to be a lot she was hiding and now support both of them need.Another heroine Francesca, accustomed to luxury and glamour, did not worry about the arrested husband. She's popular, and the only ones she's worried about are two kids. For Francesca, the main thing is that her children's lives are secure, and she will do anything for this. Harriet, a typical mother who accepts her son for who he is and looks forward to seeing him out of prison. Another heroine Lou is also waiting for a loved one. Her boyfriend took the fall for Lou's crime, and now he's serving time. They are so different, but the arrest of loved ones did not break them, and they continue to live on, solve urgent problems, believe and wait…

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