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The French crime series profiling Paris (OT: Profilage) deals with the sensitive profiler Chloé Saint-Laurent. This is true in the context of their work on the hardened police Matthieu Perač, in his head of a police unit. Together they solve several murders in the Paris region. Although Matthieu still harbors a certain aversion to Chloé at the beginning of the act, he must quickly realize that the profiler is irreplaceable for his work. Not least Chloé has a special talent that would enable it to put himself in the head of perpetrators and victims.    Main characters of profiling Paris    Chloé Saint-Laurent (Odile Vuillemin) is a criminologist and psychologist by profession. In addition, it has an incredibly strong empathy and is therefore able to analyze with the sighting of a crime scene the crime to the smallest detail - both from the perspective of the offender as well as from the victim.    Matthieu Perač (Guillaume Cramoisan) works in Paris as a chief inspector, acting in his capacity as head of a team of homicide. Although he does not think much of the profiling methods of his colleague, he has to admit that these are very effective.    Grégoire Lamarck (Jean-Michel Martial) is the head of Matthieu's office. Although his colleague to pronounce clearly on the other hand, Grégoire enforces his will and committed Chloé as a profiler.    Frédérique Kancel (Vanessa Valence) nicknamed Fred and is the right hand of Matthieu. Consequently, they met Chloé with a certain basic skepticism. Nevertheless, she is very proud of the productivity of their teams.    Hippolyte de Courtène (Raphaël Ferret) works at the police station and is responsible for ensuring that Matthieu and Fred are always supplied with fresh information. Apart from that he is a true computer and technology specialist and befriends with Chloé.    Le Doc (Didier Ferrari) is also a member of the Paris police. As a forensic pathologist and forensic scientist, he quickly finds a wire to Chloé. Beyond share the two many properties, such as their attention to detail. (MH)