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A young girl named Gillian wakes up, chained to a chair in a dark basement... So begins this dynamic short series about the life and work of a secret organization dedicated to developing new biological weapons for the American army. General Ames has always tried to follow the letter of the law. And when his brainchild began illegal tests of a new deadly biological weapons, immediately filed a report on the closure of the project codenamed S. E. R. A., but enterprising politicians on whose table this report got, decided that this development is necessary to the state and rejected the offer of the General. Meanwhile, a secret terrorist organization through its channels learns about what the General's team is doing and finds this project no less interesting. Fraudulently, members of the organization are trying to get secret documents, and when they do not work, just kidnap the only daughter of Ames – Gillian and threaten the man that in case of refusal to cooperate, they will simply kill the girl and will not give her father even a dead body. But fragile-looking girl is not as simple as it seems at first glance. She grew up in a military family and from an early age I learned to protect myself from abuse. But the terrorists have their own evil plan-they torture a man and then inject him with a serum with a large dose of his own invention, and the poor girl has no choice but to kill her own father to prevent an epidemic.

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