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The option of buying a"pig in a poke" for Americans, has always been a favorite topic. On television, there are a lot of reality shows, the participants of which give an incredibly huge amount of money for the purchase of what is unclear, at the same time, not even looking inside. Such a story accompanies the main characters of an exciting television project called"the Battle for real estate".For several seasons the company of people compete in financial terms for the possession of certain houses. The property is put up for sale by an enterprising host, after which the winner, who offered the largest amount, becomes the happy owner of the house, which he did not even see. Yes, it is, the secret of interior decoration is the main requirement that all bidders follow. Someone can get a chic mansion with exclusive furniture and expensive appliances, and someone will buy an empty house for fabulous money, besides, in need of additional repair.If you are a fan of these games in the puzzle presented reality show will give you a lot of fun. What is only worth watching the reaction of people who had a lucky ticket or the biggest disappointment in life. Priceless!