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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Crime series in General is inspired by Mark's Dutro. In the epicenter of events was a man named guy, Beranger. He is a serial killer of children who was caught and sentenced to twenty years. He served his time and was released. The public is not happy with this state of things, and that all has not ended the violence and lynching, it is sent to the monastery located in the remote village of Visart. To the man as protection put the special inspector of police by the name of Chloe Muller. At first everything goes quietly, but soon the local girl disappears. Of course, the atmosphere in society begins to heat up immediately, the tension grows, and how it will end, is unknown. Whether the guy is guilty in this loss, or suspect it is totally unreasonable? It is necessary to find urgently the girl – for her benefit and to avoid excess disorders and troubles from the frightened and embittered people…

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