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Original Title: Public Enemy
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: La Une
Creators: Matthieu Frances,Gilles de Voghel,Christopher Yates,Antoine Bours
Description: The protagonist of the series - Guy Beranger. This man has spent many years in prison for the murder of children. After liberation, the way the character is in the Ardennes village, where the monastery is located, has agreed to take this man into their walls. Local residents, however, are not happy about this neighborhood with Ki-Beranger. They know that he has done in the past, so do not rush to establish contact with the man, believing that he is still dangerous, and its monstrous nature can manifest itself at any time. In addition, soon comes the strange disappearance of a girl from the village. Suspicion, of course, falls on the main character. However, he was not involved in the case. But how to convince the villagers, if they initially opposed Beranger. The village comes Chloé girl who works in the police. It intends to look into the matter, because once this lady has been studying the materials of the main character of the case. She establishes contact with the monks, who says all that is known and seen in the ill-fated day disappearance of the girl. Chloe will have to figure out what actually happened to the missing resident of the village, and those involved in this incident.

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