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  • Drama
Chu-Manu has a hard time. He was always a kind and sympathetic person, but his ex-wife changed it, leaving her husband in a difficult financial situation, wanting as soon as possible to solve all their problems, the man gets a job to a well-known criminal authority. Now his task is to get back all the debts, who he managed during this time to his boss to owe. The first time everything goes smoothly and no difficulties on the way to achieving the goal does not arise, but it all lasts as long as the guy does not have to perform the next task and this time, the debtor is the coach of the hockey team.Deciding that it would be best to study everything properly and try to join the team, and then demand the return of the debt from the coach. The hero wears a uniform and goes out on the field. He himself did not notice how he loved this sport. Now hockey is not just a word for him and he does not want to give up sports. Chu-Manu has a hard choice to make. He realizes that he just can't betray his coach and the team, but on the other hand is his boss. If he refuses to perform this task, no one will Pat him on the head and moreover, he may even try to kill the negligent collector. What will Chu-man do in this situation and what will be his priority?

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