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A dramatic reality show about the lives of four disabled women from Los Angeles. The story of the hard everyday life of the heroines in a wheelchair. Previously, women were cheerful, happy, full of hopes and ambitions. They had fun, traveled, loved, built a career, tried to become successful, but all dreams were broken in one ill-fated moment. Attractive and healthy women have become disabled people, who are looked at only with compassion and pity, and it is not easy to live with this situation. Each of these four women has experienced a personal tragedy with which to live until the end of days. MIA was a sickly person, after all, the disease drove her to a wheelchair. She had no chance of healing, so she had to put up with her illness. To live and fight with the help of her young man who cares about her.Angela was promising model, beauty which, admired many. But the tragedy that happened in an instant, completely destroyed her fate. Even her husband couldn't accept her disability, but it didn't break her. Despite the difficulties, it wants to return to the modeling career. Tiffany was also in a wheelchair by a ridiculous accident, but it made her stronger. She finally decided to become the person she couldn't be when she was healthy. A singer and actress Otti decided in 42 years to have a child, despite his illness.The piercing story of the fate of four different heroines will not leave anyone indifferent.

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