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Nan-hee is a very cunning person who has never been particularly kind and responsive. All she dreamed about was fame and popularity, which she was not so easy to achieve. She never had a look. Maybe everything would be great and this girl would not have done things, but only here she gets into the river ring, which is able to fulfill all dreams. With him she truly is omnipotent, and therefore not afraid to use it for their purposes as you wish. The girl liked a handsome young man who would not even pay attention to her at other times, but not this time.
Nan-hee, the ring was able to deceive him and stand before him true beauty, and besides, with a good heart. The girl didn't even think about the fact that the ring is capable of such miracles, but she really liked that one about whom she was dreaming now totally and completely belonged to her. That's just Nan-hee did not think that the use of this ring can lead to such consequences, which it does, and besides, no wonder they say that it is better not to play with feelings of other people. What will all these pranks of the heroine lead to, and how will a man react to everything when the truth is revealed to him?

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