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  • Drama
Helsinki: The 16-year-old Mari (Linda Tuomenvirta) would like to be as carefree as the other teenagers her age. But she feels so uncomfortable in her skin that she inflicts himself injuries and playing with suicidal thoughts. While her best friend Tinka (Elena Kantinkoski) austestet their effects on age-matched boys Mari feels repelled by them. When she falls in love with an older man who gives her the encounter self-confidence. However, Julian is their teacher and a relationship is thereby impossible. Although he is married with a young daughter, has he likes Mari. Maris mother is heavily involved as a doctor in their profession and unaware of the concerns of their daughter. Meanwhile plaguing Maris aunt who mentally unstable literature professor Anja, other worries. Her husband Antti suffers from severe Alzheimer's and took her once promise to keep him active euthanasia when the disease becomes unbearable. (JB)

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