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There are so many professions in the world that are among them and quite unusual. Take at least what does our protagonist... This is not taught in school, there are no courses on his activities and training to go simply nowhere – ray Donovan, receiving from the rich people of California huge fees, solves their problems. As you might guess, these problems are always quite specific, as are ray's methods. Men often have to resort to violence, threaten people, kidnap, bribe and collect debts. If his name was Joe and he lived in Russia, then the surrounding baptized him "reshaloy". But at the same time some of the difficulties associated with his personal life, the man is not able to solve. He has to find common ground with his relatives, who do not like Donovan's "work" at all. Despite all the difficulties in communication, in the final of the last part we saw that the family always remains a family – when ray was in a difficult situation, he was helped. However, the difficulties for the main character are not over yet – at the beginning of season 5 he will have to go through the court because of the fight in the bar, which can have a negative impact on his future. At this very moment Conor has to get used to the living conditions in the military Academy, Darryl is actively preparing for the wedding, and Bridget realizes that she moved to new York for a reason…

Televison show Ray Donovan seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

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