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The multi-part historical drama will tell the audience about the hard way modern Ireland went during the First world war and what difficulties fell to the share of the inhabitants of that time. The story is told from the point of view of a group of young people who were involved in the Easter uprising of 1916. The familiar world of the main characters gradually collapses, and the struggle for independence completely changes their views on life. Gradually, the rebels are making increasingly aggressive attempts to take power into their own hands, which involves them in a variety of intrigues. The first world war, the country is almost non-existent, although even this does not help the situation - the confrontation of the nationalists with the current government is undermining social stability and threatening to throw the state into anarchy. The main characters of the series "Revolt" not only watch all these events with their own eyes, but also actively participate in them, which requires them to constantly make one or another choice, which ultimately affects not only their lives, but also the fate of the whole of Ireland. And now, when the independence of Ireland has already been recognized by almost the entire world community, British troops are approaching the country, which threatens to result in an even more bloody battle, while reducing the results of the hard work of the rebels "to naught"...

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