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If you imagine that our world is not really real and that we live in a computer universe, it turns out that we live much more fun and each person is actually much more important than he just thinks. After all, it depends on the common people that everything worked properly and the system did not fail, and therefore no one in this world can not be disappointed in life. In addition, they are not the only ones who live in this world. There are super heroes who are trying to do everything to protect the world from enemies who are trying to make it chaos and devastation and do not allow civilians to exist in peace.< br /> Viruses are everywhere and try to break this idyll, but no one gives them so easy to do. Yes, and there are still game cubes and they are engaged in the fact that sow chaos in the world. These guys always want to show that this world is not perfect and that no one knows about its secret possibilities. But super heroes always run to the rescue, they do not intend to let anyone destroy the whole world, as they have a great goal to protect everything here. However, what secrets are hidden from the world and what are the heroes really trying to protect from game cubes and viruses?

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